Turntable Junction, Flemington, NJ
Thurs, August 2015

This is the old Pottery shop, now a clothing store, farmer's market (weekends) and art store.  There is a pretty busy
restaurant on the side I did not get in the photo.

The restaurant just up a ways from here that caught fire, was suppose to be rebuilt and open.
As of Aug. 2017 it was fixed up and now for rent !


One of the many empty buildings added in the late 90's.  They used to be outlets for different companies. 
Now either empty or non-tourist businesses.


One of the few stores remaining
I believe there was a restaurant next to this, it burned down.
It was suppose to reopen, nope... fixed up and now for rent.


One of the stores in the old Pottery shop is a coffee shop.
Weekends is a craft/local baked items available.


One of the stores just outside Turntable Junction.
Nope, as of Sept. 2017 it closed.


What used to hold many "tourist stores".  Now a comic book store took 3 units and a Mexican food place.


Enough said !


The only food place left.


I believe it was a music studio for years.


Turntable Junction, the train still runs on weekends.


One of the stores in Turntable Junction, Flemington, NJ


Some more of the stores in Turntable Junction, Flemington, NJ


The remains of the Turntable.  It was (a few years ago) an outdoor seating to a restaurant that closed.


If you look at my PostCards of Flemington.  This is the same gabazo in that photo.
Scroll down to FLEMINGTON to see old post cards.


This store is on the side toward the newer "outlet store area".  This used to be a hobby shop way back.
Again, a store not for the tourist.  This shop has been there some time.
Just new owners.


One of the stores in Turntable Junction, Flemington, NJ


This is on Main Street, Flemington, NJ and was an antique store and a few others for many, many years.
It closed in 2011 or so.

Sometime in Dec, 2016 this was torn down.   Awaiting what everyone wants, more Condos !
This is now a huge empty lot.


The side to the above photo.

Just memories now.


This has been a bank for some 6 years or so, was empty for many years.  It's postcard is on the link below.
Scroll down to FLEMINGTON to see old post cards.


The street down from that bank towards Turntable Junction.
The stores on the left are hair and nail salons.


A number of stores on Main St. Flemington across from Turntable Junction.
A hair place, consignment shop, doctor.  The pink building is empty.
Across the street is a restaurant that has been there 20 years or so.


Main St. Flemington, across the street from the photo above.




Not sure how ofter the steam train goes through.  It usually goes south from the "outlet" area.


The buiding on Main St., Flemington next to that old Antique store and formerly Flemington Cut Glass.
This area was always packed due to Flemington Cut Glass.


The remains of Flemington Cut Glass.. that closed in 2002.... 13 years ago.

Future Condos... great.


The remains of Flemington Cut Glass


The remains of Flemington Cut Glass area

In August 2015 there is talk of some action !!

Just what this town needs !  Less ratables.


Stores on Main St. Flemington.  The blue building is an Anitque store.  I was in there last year.
The other building are either back to private homes or prof. businesses.
I believe there is one home still a small restaurant.

I did get photos of the great and wonderful Union Hotel on Main Street Flemington.
The 2nd developers have not contacted the town with what they plan to do with renovations on their due date.
Basically just like the 1st developers did..
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