Flemington, NJ
Main Street / Union Hotel

If you look at my PostCards of Flemington.  This is the Union Hotel in this photo.
Scroll down to FLEMINGTON to see old post cards of this town.

These pictures were taken at 3:00 PM on Sunday Aug 2015

See what the elected officials are thinking to FIX this town !

The new, new, NEW developer... massive is better ! !

FYI - Flemington is a 1 square mile town with it's own Police, Fire (hope you have a 7 story ladder) and Government.

FYI the Flemington has a new PR site, decent.
The video is nice.. but doesn't identify where the images are taken when watching.

There is a map you can check out and print (upper left).
Stop the music, button under the map !

Current structure



Beautiful downtown Flemington, NJ



This was noted to the township that the side wall has given away. 
With that fire escape and wooden extension by it.  That's added stress.


Amazing this wooden extension is in such good shape.


Back of the Union Hotel


Note the holes in the wall, upper left !  Really Not good.
Broken windows = birds and bees !


As stated in the local paper, in Aug, 2015 the "Redevelopers"
(second group they tried) has not contacted the town,

again after given many months, in their timeline
of what they are going to do with this mess.


Shops next to the Union Hotel


The shop next to the Union Hotel


Down one of the side streets.   Ya gotta remember the paint store ! !