Next time you plug one in !

I  was trying to find out why my three X-10 Home Automation modules were not working last night (Aug, 2010).  I found that the "Christmas" type multiple outlet plug, which held 3 of these units, was not working.  So I plugged in the X-10 controller into an outlet further away, tried my X-10 remote and an X-10 plugged in across the room started to control that light again.

So I find a power strip with a built in circuit breaker, and plugged it into the wall outlet to replace the old multiple extension cord.  I plug in the X-10 that controls the fish tank light.  Zapppppppp... snap.. snap.

Something went really wrong !

The unit fried in my hand !  I was holding the X-10 with both hands, pressing down with my thumbs.

Soooooo glad I didn't use one hand with my palm by the explosion !

Yes, that is a hole burned in the bottom.


All this took less than a second or two until the fuse on the power strip popped.


One reason you ALWAYS buy power strips with a fuse !


The next pictures of the damage to my hand (down a bit) are pretty GROSS... 
just a warning.











This finger and the tip of the other got it.



After getting burned I went to the sink to cool them off in cold water..
This skin just fell right off  in the sink !

Now I have wired my own house and done lots of electrical work in the past 40 years.  
I NEVER expected this to explode on me.

Later, after visiting the doctor, the X-10 controller still works. That was plugged into the
power strip when this happened.  The fish tank light that was plugged into the X-10
that caught fire, still works !

Typing iwth big bangeds on youur finders.. difficulert !