Cleaning a Whitfield Advantage II Pellet Stove
This is for your own information.  
Call a professional if you feel the least apprehensive.

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This is how I clean my Pellet Stove.  I happen to have a shop vac in the basement.  This is due to the fact a former free standing fireplace had an external air intake built into the bottom of the stove.  I cut a hole, 3", in the floor and the pellet stove was now placed over that stove hole.  The shop vac line (small 1 1/2" tube), wire to power the vacuum and external air tube were all place here.  I only mention this as the shop vac filter may not be good enough for the very fine particles and they may pass through the filter and fill your room.  PLUS - NEVER - EVER - VACUUM HOT ASH.  It burned one of my filters and melted the filter holder in my shop vac!

This is a Whitfield Advantage II Pellet Stove.

Normal cleaning will work for a few weeks.  Time to really clean is needed every few months.  First let the fire go out for 1/2 hour or more.  Get all the ash out.  I use a shop vac located in the basement. 
See warning above.

Below is what your stove should look like when you did your basic cleaning.  Then you loosen (do not remove) the two screws holding the metal sides. Lift them up and out. (WARNING: THE FIRE BRICK IS FRAGILE, VERY FRAGILE, DO NOT FORCE.  IF IT CRACKS... YOU HAVE PROBLEMS). 
Then you tilt the back firebrick to the CENTER and out (notch is at top).  Now you see the problem... ash everywhere.


Click to see the ash tray vents... these should not be blocked.

Click to see a close up of the ash on both sides.

Click to see the firebrick and metal holder (note the notch).

However you remove the ash you need to get the visible ash and the hidden ash behind the pellet tube.  If you look at the back plate, it goes right and there is more ash there but also behind that metal backing.  A good vacuum and block off all other areas so you really suck out that ash.  There are two screw that can be taken off to get to that back area.   This is the metal shield.. you can see the slots that need cleaning.

After the stove is clean.. you'll have a nice clean fire.

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