Whitfield pellet stove repair
Update 2-15- 2018

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I'm going to fix this page..  it was started in 2003.. 13 long years of just adding to the same page ! !

NUMBER 1:  Get a UPS ($60 version or more) and protect your controller board !
If you use the "electric start" (400 watts) you may have to check the watts used at start-up against the UPS ability.
The electronics are usually the second problem I have found besides
simple cleaning errors or stuff.  Your controller costs $300 or more to replace,
protect it.  Mine is from 1996 ! (finally died in Jan. 2018)
If you have damaged it, it can be repaired for a lot cheaper, read-on !
And no, a simple power strip surge strip has a stupid capacitor in it.

Whitfield Advantage Pellet Stove - owners manual Whitfield Pellet Stove Public Relations Booklet - Advantage III, II-T, Quest ('95)
 Cleaning a Whitfield stove - company method  I have a number of Pellet stove manuals.  Write to the address below
 Whitfield Profile CDS - electric eye
New update - replace the electric eye with a snap switch !
Have it work all the time, but still have a safety.
 Astroflamm Integra manual  Pt. 1 &   Pt. 2
Cleaning your Whitfield Pellet Stove - Basics  Replacing the "low limit" switch on a pellet stove
Need parts - my controller died (after 25 years) and they had it in stock !
Mountain View Hearth is their real name
Pellet stove repair boards
Various makers, they send you one and only the back that needs to be installed on your old front.
 Merkle-Korff auger motor problem - 14 months of life  Pellet Stove Control Board Repair
Heatwave Electronics (way cheaper to fix them)

A Pellet Stove Forum on Hearth.com ! - Click here

Warning, this is for your knowledge only!.
I do not assume any responsibility to you or the safety of your property.
By-passing any safety features and you and your home can become ash!
This is what I have discovered and repaired on my own pellet stove.

Gas type fireplaces... call the gas company - period!

(2010 - yea.. check YouTube.com for pellet stove and you'll find videos on how to clean & repair pellet stoves  ! !
There are also a lot of places to buy pellet stove parts on www.ebay.com and www.amazon.com



Another place that will repair many different control panels   CLICK FOR THEIR WEB SITE
(Heatwave Electronics. (heatwaveelectronics@gmail.com ) 530-820-3700

<I am now repairing the controller pcb for these and several other models (Waterford, Lopi, Earth Stove, etc.) for  $125.00.  I guarantee the repairs for a year and if I can't fix one, which hasn't happened yet, I charge $25.00 to cover return shipping and the time it takes to run it through my test fixture or offer to keep their controller and waive the $25.00 fee.  There are proprietary parts and other parts that are no longer manufactured.  I am also in the process of re-engineering some pcbs to replace these units at a fraction of any other company's offerings I can find.  I want to be fair and remain attractive. There is just no honest way to charge $270-$530 for a replacement controller in this day and age (not to mention this economy.)

I began doing this a few months ago when I found that many people have these stoves that don't heat their home and never will because the manufacturers either aren't in business or won't help at a reasonable fee.

I have 30+ years in the electronic engineering industry, mostly out of silicon valley, and have reversed engineered, drawn up schematics and pcb layouts, test and repair procedures and a parts inventory to give a quick turn around. >

 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Another place that will sell you a REPLACEMENT board (various brands) but not the front panel.  Not sure if they are NEW ones or fixed ones.


Pellet stove forum..  http://www.hearth.com/econtent/index.php/forums/viewforum/22

Links: Pellet Heat organization - lots of links to Pellet Stove manufactures

Energex: more links to Pellet Stoves

Closed companies and were to search

A forum for pellet stoves - www.stove and spas.com

--- Pellet Stove parts -  parts -  parts ---

Amazon.com also sells pellet auger for various makes

Flemington, N.J. Pellet Stoves - Harman and Austroflam stoves.  Plus they sell and deliver pellets within a defined area.  http://www.gottahaveitpoolandspa.com/

Amazon.com exhaust fan

Pellet stove parts (2007)

Whitfield Pellet Stove Parts

Energy parts plus

Pellet Stove wholesale

Stoves Unlimited

Pellet Stove Pro - Video and parts (He sells on E-bay too) and can ship fast if needed.  Has a number of older brands no longer in business.

Martin Pellet stove circuit boards

Winrich pellet stove parts

Someone on E-bay with parts

Pellet stove parts

Pellet stove motors - Another store - Great pricing ! !

Pellet Stove Parts

I Burn Corn forum - There seems to be pellet stove users there too


This is a price list of a company no longer in business. $145 for the fan ! ! ! !

parts places

Parts for Whitfield stoves and others - www.hearthtools.com

Wood Heat Stoves

Kitsap Lumber 

Hearth Net

Pellet Stove Pro

Andy Silven 
Oregon Stoves and Spas (Oct. 2006)

A location for pellet stove parts... (just type "pellet stove" in the search



Try this place for replacement fans emotorstore.com  800 922 1882

Another site to try


They are in El Dorado, Calif.

Clint Ayer
This seller on www.ebay.com has the whitfield auger bushing.  I got one just to have on hand.
Replacement motor from GRANGER... $89 ! for many stoves including Whitfield.

Grainger’s motor has 100in-lb torque and is much beefier (maybe 30% more coils and plates) than the original, if eyeballing the size is valid. My Whitfield gear motor electric wires are the same color; it does not matter which spade connector is attached to either motor side, it is “60hz alternating”. This motor is not as silent as the original, but it certainly is a capable replacement. I got to where I could take the motor on and off in less than 5min.

 I did add a nylon washer (to augment the blue spacer) to the shaft of the rotor on the old gear motor; that did not help. It was a good tip to check it.

 I did several things to “reduce the torque requirement, as in preventing the pellets from jamming. A key discovery is that the auger needs a washer to get it as high up the shaft as possible. The pellets would jam at both the bottom of the auger and at the top of the augur. You need al the clearance you can get to prevent pellets  from being crushed by one mechanism or another at each end of the augur.  While the band-aids worked for a while, feeding was still not reliable with the old weakened motor. I eventually came to believe that the gearmotor was stalling due to a loss of torque, even thaough the torque felt great when if test it against my own “hand resistance” on a bench. I MUST BE GETTING OLD AND WEAK myself! I am not sure why aging loses torque as this motor does not have magnets to degrade.

From: Swarren

M. Butkus