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Warning, this is for your knowledge only!.
I do not assume any responsibility to you or the safety of your property.
By-passing any safety features and you and your home can become ash!
This is what I have discovered and repaired on my own pellet stove.

I have been a computer user since 1987, yea.. 8 Mhz . . raw power.  Around the late 1990s I started to use a UPS for my home equipment along with my pellet stove so if a power blip or "lights out for 30 seconds" the stove would continue and power zaps would not fry the controller.  So my suggestion is to put a UPS on a pellet stove.  The batteries will last 3 - 5 years, they are replaceable as long as they are removable from the UPS.

This is a link to pages showing the insides to a "better" surge protector.


This is a standard "surge protector"


That's it fokes !

Problems with surge protectors (you kept that 3 year old receipt, didn't you ? )

Now lets see what's inside a UPS !

Now true, many of the UPS parts are to create AC power from just a 12V battery or two.  But the choke coils and multiple capacitors and MOVs will do a much better job then the items above.  I have had my power go out, blink, surge (dryer kick on- light dim for a second) and lights go on-off from power pole shorts over the last 20 years.  So far, never lost an item.  (During Sandy, 2011 I lost a power adaptor that was plugged in to a regular socket)

More on battery backups or UPSs

Another link on UPS and power surges


Image result for inside a UPS surge protectorImage result for inside a UPS surge protector  
Image result for inside a UPS surge protectorImage result for inside a UPS surge protector