Newport Rhode Island
Vacation, 3 nights, July 2010

We stayed in Hampton Inn in Coventry.  For $80 a night.  The same hotel 17 miles closer... $204 a night.... we drove !

You knew this was coming ! 
Inserting your CC and it charges $1 per hour.  3 hour max !


Hummm... were did I park my yacht ?  Must be the next dock, I'm sure.
Most of the action is by the docks.  Places to eat, get boat rides, watch the boats go by !


In front of the main dock area, on land.


There is the cliff walk.  There is a 3 mile walk along the ocean. 
In 95 degree weather... sure !


While on a boat tour... we go by the mansions.  
From what the tour guide said, many are now condos ! !


A few miles from one of the boat tour point is a nice little town
with shops and places to eat..... and water !


One of the old lighthouses we saw on the High Speed Boat Tour,
now converted to a regular home.


The speed boat... note the "wind in their hair".  
This thing accelerated, something you don't expect from a big boat.


The bridge we had to cross every day... $4 each way.  Easy Pass !


That is a long bridge and big bridge.  Built in 1969


Yes... public parking... and $10 a day..
no going out and coming back on the same ticket.


From the hotel, 4th floor
Cell reception was excellent ! !


One of the restaurants by the dock.  The Black Pearl... seats 70 comfortably !
Yes.. this IS the entire restaurant !


The Cook House Restaurant
Bring your CC but read the reviews first.


Anchors away !


Waving to one of the little yachtss passing our tour boat


One of the other sailing tours... from good authority... they use gas power.


That fast tour boat we were on yesterday.  Yesterday it was not that crowded.


With my 500mm lens and about 1/2 mile away.  This is only one of the two good shots.
A 500mm lens will get you up close, but focus is still only 15 feet deep.
Thank goodness for my "shake resistance" switch on my Pentax camera !