Larger UPS battery replacement?

UPDATE: 2016  - A home Energize brand UPS had this large battery hole with spacers taking this small 3.2 Hr battery. 

There were these plastic spacer in this big hole. So can this UPS be "More Power" ?  I checked with an old UPS battery I had.  The standard UPX 1280 or a number of variations of 1280 (meaning 12V 8.0 Hr) would fit in the hole IF I removed all these plastic spacers.  Now, this means it would LAST LONGER, not allow more watts to be uses.  As that is determined by the circuits inside. 
Plus the bigger battery was only $3 more then the tiny replacement.  I used needle nose pliers to remove the plastic spacers.  I had to solder on wider battery clips (they sell adapters on-line.  I soldered on mine with larger spades) The terminals were reversed (red was left) but the battery wires were long enough (check that).

Larger spade to smaller adapter ( see the photo above).  Not much space there to add these.  The larger batteries are usually placed in higher wattage UPS, so they need bigger connectors on the batteries.

So there is no guarantee that this may work on other small size UPSs.  The 1280 is a pretty common UPS replacement battery for standard UPSs. BUT each UPS battery will have number on it to find the right replacement.  You should be able to match their number to other makes.  ONLY IF your UPS does not have the standard spades, as you see in the photo above.  BIG UPS models have very different connections.  I tried to find dimensions to different batteries, but that is pretty hard. The 1280 is 5-7/8 across, 3-6/8 tall, and 2-1/2 deep (across the top). Rulers have 1/16 marks, every other is 1/8.  So count every other 1/8, 2/8, 3/8th and so on.