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Media Campaign Resource Center

Billboards: The California Department of Health Services has donated extra copies of its Secondhand Smoke and Kids Love billboards to CDC for distribution through the Resource Center (see pages 11-367 through II-370 of your Resource Book to view them). We have available approximately 20 copies of Kids Love Cartoon Characters, 150 of Kids Love Cowboys, 150 of Kids Love Race Cars, 50 of Try Secondhand Smoke, 430 of Wake Up and Smell the Secondhand Smoke, and 450 of You Think Smoke Knows How to Stay in the Smoking Section? These billboards are available on a first-come first-serve basis. The only cost to you is that of sniping (adding your local tag) and shipping.

Other Materials: The Resource Center also has a variety of related materials available for free:

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Todd Phillips - Media Campaign Resource Center , Cygnus Corporation 5640 Nicholson Lane, Suite 300 - Rockville, MD 20852 Phone (301) 231-7537 - Fax (301) 984-8527 - E-mall: CDT7@ODDC1.EM.CDC.GOV

Kristen McCall Office on Smoking and Health - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 4770 Buford Highway, NE - Mailstop K-50 - Atlanta, GA 30341-3724 (770) 488-5722 - Fax (770) 488-5939 - E-mall: KLM5@CCDOSH.EM.CDC.GOV