Saturn Vue Etching of VIN number

I purchased a etching kit for my 3 cars that puts the VIN number on all the glass.  I got this off E-bay at vinguardsystem or  They give a discount on E-bay and you can get multiple units for the same discounted price.  You can get an insurance discount if you live in a large city with high insurance rates like Jersey.  A dealer will charge $125 to $200 for this option.  It's very easy to do and this kit comes complete.  Some former etching system worked with a company. A user number was etched into your glass but you needed to pay and pay the company to keep your user number and name on file.  If the company went under or you didn't pay the yearly fee, the police would not be able to find the user via that number.   

This system is adding the VIN number (unique to your car) on all the glass.  A thief does not want a traceable car.  Erasing this would be a easy mark that something is up.  In April '03 I paid $22.50 for each.  It came with 12 VIN numbers, two bottles of etching, sponges and rubber gloves.  Hint:  Make sure you put the etching stencil on the right side up... Did that to two of them but caught it before I applied the etching.  I did the sunroof too.  It only takes 1/2 hour from start to finish.  Jersey's insurance rates are though the roof.  Only NYC or other large cities may pay more.  Your first year discount should pay for the system. Plus it makes your car lower on the theft chart.  The kit is excellent and comes complete.  WASH the windows with lots of water after etching.  Nothing drastic but a couple of pans of water should do you good.  You are also given silver etching polish to make the numbers more visible, if desired.