2002 - 2004 Saturn Vue bra installation

I purchased a used (new in box) Vue bra from Ebay.  It arrived with everything in the original bags.  This was originally ordered from a Saturn dealer that the person never put on.  A great deal at the $45 I paid.

Installation was a snap, if you have a flat screwdriver and phillips screwdriver.  You might need a pair of pliers to hold the replacement plastic inserts while you screw in the snap screws.

Click on image to enlarge.

Instructions warn this is for a dealer install.  Any good handy (used tools before) person should have no problems.  You DO NOT drill any NEW holes only use replacement inserts with snap tops.

 First you need to remove the current clips.  Pull out the center cap with a flat screwdriver, then pull out the insert.

Then press the plastic insert in the hole and screw in the snap cap.  There are two on each wheel well.  This is where you might need pliers to hold the plastic clips while screwing in the snaps.  There are two snaps you need to put on the center front.

The hood works the same way.  I think there is a bigger washer that is suppose to go on the hood snap.  The front snaps on and two hooks go into the underneath hood holes.  With just two snaps and two hooks, the front top comes off with ease.

The front bra has metal tabs covered with cloth.  You need to bend them to "hook" over the insides of the grill.   I also needed to cut out the front plate cover.  Snip the inside thread... and just pull the thread.  Out will come the square plate holder.  The hole goes behind the plate.

There are cloth tabs by the lower headlight.  I just kept them folded over and pushed in the headlight edge,  I also did that for the directionals.  The driving lights have plastic lenses covers.  I wonder how long that will last before they fog out?

One other thing, many of the lower and sides of the bra are held on by bending metal plates.  I am a quite strong person and bending these were easy to me.  Someone else might need two pliers to assist them in bending the metal.  The bottom and lower air intakes  mount by these created hooks that simply slide over the plastic body parts.  The top was my most important as I wanted something to deflect the air up and protect my windshield.  No one can say if a front air deflector will deflect rocks (got lots in Jersey from dump trucks) from hitting your windshield but was hoping this would help.  There are two tabs on the upper bra that seem to deflect air up.  The bra comes on and off quite easily but you do need to get on the ground to put on the bottom part.  All parts fit perfectly.  The instructions say the bra can stay on after being wet but I would not trust it.  The upper part can be off in 45 seconds. The bottom in a minute or so.  Installing, about 2 - 3 minutes.  Just kneeling on the ground is required.  It has a felt backing as to not scratch paint but dirt behind the bra can do nasty stuff.  There is a cutout if your state requires a front plate.