Saturn Vue
2004 Roof Rack

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Here's the deal.  I purchased my Vue in March 2004, a demo.  Ten days later an additional $1000 off was added to the "end of year" discounts and two days later QVC gave away $1000 off coupons.  So I'm kind of ticked off.  They would not provide any incentive for listening to the salesman tell me that this car was a "great value" with the current $2500 off and discount for the "demo" mileage..... and extra 2k off for a 14 day wait... I don't think so. 

Three weeks later the Vue's had an additional $500 local and $500 regional discount.  I could had $5000 off list, if I waited 3 weeks.  I had a 2001 Subaru Outback and was just going out of power train warranty.  I had the standard Subaru Outback carrier on the car.  Saturn makes you BUY the rack for a SUV.  Isn't that what an SUV is suppose to have?  So I got a cut rate on the rack (reg. $200 dealer price, internet price $150 plus shipping) from the salesman of $150. plus tax... forgot about the tax when I picked it up.

And in 2009... after their fancy ads about not returning your car in case you loose your job... they close the company !

You get, from the dealer, a light box with the roof rack.  FIRST, it is not the typical adjustable roof rack.  You must have a second tool (torx wrench) to remove the screws currently holding the side rack on. Then you can screw in a double screw extensions that mount the roof rack. You need a 8mm socket (not provided, I think that was the size) to screw in the extenders, they SEEM to be heat treated and you are told to place "lock-tight",  which is provided, on those threads.   Sturdy... not really.  The racks state only 100 Lbs and I would have to agree. Only 4 screws hold on the rack.  Now you can only place the rack in 3 different sections on your roof, where ever the screw holes in the center of the car are currently.  If you purchase one of those "tubs" that go above your car.. I would doubt if this would mount on them. The Subaru (and most other SUV's) have adjustable racks so you can match it exactly to that Tub. I had a Tub mount on the rack and mounted on my two other Jeeps. No problem.

NOISE.... as you see from the above image these racks are THICK and guess what, noisy.  My Subaru and Jeeps never had roof rack noise. They were always mounts on.  I already took the Saturn roof rack off, over 55 they made wind noise.  Only 3 adjustment spaces and noise.... not a good deal for a $30K car (with all the options).

Security screws: This rack has a security removal system!  You can see in the image above the rubber top that must be pried up (with something) to access the locking screw for the plastic end.  With the "security screw tool" (a hex wrench) you remove the plastic end, slide it off and then can access the screws holding on the rack with their "security screws" (torx shaped bolts).  Two problems I see. The screws are always open, if you remove the rack (wind noise gone) the exposed screw holes will fill with water, sap, dirt or whatever.  Hoping those screws are "hardened and rust resistant" and they will not rust before I put on the roof rack again.