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I have been a Jersey Boy for 50+ years. My early childhood had my parents and I visit Lavallette N.J. every year for two weeks during the summer for some 18 years.  Seaside Heights was my favorite hangout when I  grew older.  Just a long walk along the beach at evening to check out the night time action.  These are some old postcards of NJ, the Jersey Shore and I'll get to post some photos I took when visiting.  Somewhere in the late '80s I tool a trip to Asbury Park and photographed the last of the buildings.  I'll hunt them down. The main pier was still open and I did shoot a number of shots inside the buildings.

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Atlantic City - Postcards

Jersey Shore - Ocean City,

Asbury Park, Wild Wood - Postcards

New Jersey Towns - Postcards

Point Pleasant - Historical Postcards

 Delaware Water Gap

Lakewood - Historical Postcards

High Bridge / Clinton and surrounding towns Postcards
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Lake Solitude Dam - 1924

Lake Solitude Dam frozen Jan 2017

High Bridge
Taylor's Dam - 1910

High Bridge Reformed Church - 1915
Church St.

River Road - 1920s

High Bridge, NJ
Lake Solitude

High Bridge, NJ
Mountain Falls

I have no idea where this is except it must be by River Road.
The only place where it's that steep.

High Bridge, NJ
Foundry Bridge

High Bridge
The Arches - 1941

High Bridge - Bird's Eye View

High Bridge - Church St.

Bloomsbury Foot Bridge

Main Street, High Bridge - 1950s

If you are wondering what the concrete abutment just north of the edge of Hampton (next to the Hick's Paving).  It is a long ago train bridge !  Only the southbound side remains.  Not sure why they would only leave that part.  Took me an hour to figure it out (with help from the wife).  See this page for photo posted at



The High Bridge High School - 1910
now the Middle School

 Annandale NJ post cards
Massive collection of Clinton area postcards 

Click links to see enlarged images

Clinton House - 1903?

Clinton House - 1920s

Old Red Mill, Clinton (no date, but 1900's)


Sunset Motel - Rt. 69 (now Rt. 31)

Blossem Hill Milk Bar

I bet it was one of the few places on Rt. 22

Clinton Twp. Rt. 31
White Swan Restaurant - 1950s

This was suppose to be the "light on the highway" for many, many years
on Rt. 69 (Now Rt. 31).

Original Blossem Hill Restaurant
and Milk Bar

There is a Blossem Hill Rd. but no signs of any of this
along Rt. 22. Lebanon

Old Mill - Clinton

Clinton, Main St., 1908. - Looking West
You can see the bridge in the back.

Coach and Paddock - 1980s

This has been renamed and turned into a fancy Catering / Wedding place as of 2007
 after some additions/alterations.  Always packed on weekends.

Clinton Baptist Church


. .


Rockerfellow's Dam

Located by River Road and Rockerfellow Rd.
There is now a house on the left side
Click here for a current 2009 image from the bridge  

Click here for another shot showing the huge tree
hanging over the dam from Hurricane Floyd.

Main Street - 1912


Flemington - Main St. by library

Current view - 2018

Flemington steam train - 70's ?

Current View - 2018

Flemington Court House - 1908

Current View - 2018









Flemington New Jersey
Flemington Cut Glass (closed - 2002)

Flemington town used to be the place to walk around in the '1970s -'80s.  Living in High Bridge since '78, and at a local NJ college before that,  you could not move on the sidewalks during the weekends on Main Street back in those days.   Almost every house on the main street was a store selling something.  Now, most of main street is residential.  A few of the main street houses are restaurants.   Just a few of the larger stores remain on main street.

Flemington Cut Glass closed, according to the papers, due to changes in taste for gifts.  No longer are vases and glass art objects given as gifts.  The Flemington "Turntable Juction" (1965) and "Liberty Village" (1982) are still there.  Turntable Junction is trying to hold on since 2000.  But basically that area is no longer for tourists. Many vacant stores and the crowd are gone.

With the opening of so many other "outlets" in N.J., the multiple busses that used to travel to Flemington have dwindled.  The Liberty Village outlet shops have kept the area alive and more larger stores have recently opened right next door (2006-'08) .  Check out (died in 2015) if you would like to visit.

OOOOPPP... that link is now dead..  now try 

One of the few place to catch a short ride on a real steam train, when in operation.

Flemington Outlets.. should now be called OUCH-lets.  March 2017

In the hay days of Flemington Cut Glass and Peddler's Village, there were throngs of people there. The outlets, built in 1988, was so popular there were busses from other states coming.  Sometime after 2014 thing started to change.  We visited there and you can see from the photos, more then half of the stores are empty.  The restaurant, that was there is gone.  The train still runs on weekends so far.  An a vote to tear up Main Street and the Historic Hotel, I'm sure that will brighten up Flemington once again... 

UPDATE: Feb. 2018 - Someone is trying to buy the property.

I finally got around to shooting Turntable Junction
in Flemington, NJ
Click here to see August 2015 shots of what's left
(this was on a Thurs. )

As of May 2016 the old "antique" store and several building behind it were demolished.
In July 2016 a new plan for the Union Hotel was announced.  That historic building and
three others should be demolished !  More to come.
Update June 2017, the Union Hotel front, was to be saved.  Still, all talk.


Flemington Circle Diner - 1970s


Union Hotel, Flemington - 1920s

Flemington - Union Hotel - 1940s

Current View - 2018



Flemington Circle diner -1950s

Destroyed by fire in the 90's

Flemington Circle changed to ...
wait for it.. a circle by the DOT
 Flemington Circle - 2018
Note the two "side roads to Rt 12 and to Rt 202

So if you are coming from south 202, you just stay to the right
If you are on Rt 31 south going to Rt 12, stay to right
Neither go into the circle.

Yes, the Flemington Circle is still there.  (Update May 2015, they are upgrading the circle, to a better circle !)  Also they finally put two continuous lanes going north just after the train underpass to the curve by the truck company.  It now goes 2 lanes all the way up to truck place, then back to 1 lane for 1/4 of a mile... then to the original 2 lanes made in the 1990s.  Why that stretch is one lane each way... must be politics !

Traffic south in the morning is a terrible craw, north after 3:30 was not that bad after they made mostly two lanes north.

Rt. 31 from the High Bridge light to Flemington were widened to two lanes in the late 90's.  Then at Flemington, lanes appear and disappear, a center turning lane was added.  The train underpass is still the "blockade" for any 4 lane repair.  Flemington Speedway became a Walmart mall and now (2016) a Cosco was built.  We already have a BJ's, Home Depot, Low's and the Flemington Department Store is still great.
In 2017 they fixed the northbound to 2 lane after the train underpass up to a 1.4 mile to the older 4 lane.  That's where it goes back to 1 lane, then back to 2 lanes each way.


Flemington Fair 1900s - reprint


Flemington - Main St. Raggedy Ann Museum
What was one of the many houses turned into stores

Iorio Cut Glass


Flemington Fair - 1920s -
Note the stage is still there at Turntable Junction

Flemington Public Park
Note the same house and bandstand in the photo.
That bandstand is still there.

Current View - 2018


Main Street Flemington - 1912


Danforth's Restaurant '60s-
Cooking the modern way, electrically
Check out the old post office box


Flemington Mine Street


. .
. .
. .

Local Towns

Lambertville house - 1970s

This was closed around 2003 but has since reopened in 2008

Washington, NJ - Birds Eye View 1930's ?

Washington, NJ  High School - 1930s ?

Lambertville, Union St.  1920s ?

Lambertville House - 1953

Lambertville Station - 1980s


. .

Ringoes - Main Street 1918

Washington - Eckel's Pond

Hide and Hair - 1971


Bloomsbury Foot Bridge

Lebanon Hotel - 1905

Bloomsbury - M. E. Church - 1919


Ryland Inn - Whitehouse - aerial view

Ryland Inn - Closed as of March 2008

It now operates as a wedding/corporate


. .
. .


Oldwick Weathercock Farm - 1979's

Oldwick Weathercock Farm - 1980s

. .
. .

Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Sister Island, Lake Hopatcong, NJ

My niece lives up there.  Wonder if this is still there ?
 A quick web check, yep.  More houses were added.
Click on link to see photos in 2002. Not my site.

Castel Edward - 1911 ?

According to the Lake Hopatcong historical site,
this had a few stories added on during the years.
It was destroyed in a fire.

Aeroplane View of West Shore and Islands
Lake Hopatcong, NJ - 1927

. .

Easton - Phillipsburg
Since we visit these towns a lot.  I figure it would be interesting what they looked like a few years ago.

Easton, PA Road Bridge - 1900s

Not sure were this is, but must be by the river.
Possibly by the three bridges ?  Note the trolley tracks.
<<The postcard captioned Easton Road Bridge was of the previous bridge
 on South Third Street.  The view is looking north.  That church is still up on the hill. 
The bridges in the back are carrying the Jersey Central and LVRR tracks
and they will cross the Delaware River on the right out of the picture. 
The bridge pictured has been replaced by a concrete monstrosity.>>

Easton Circle - 1905

The monument is still there,
I bet that store in the back is too.
<<This card is facing east and the store on the corner
in the background was replaced by a Merchants Bank building
in the 1920s or 30s, which is still there.>>

Easton - Phillipsburg toll bridge - 1940s

This is the current Rt. 22 bridge


Phillipsburg - Main / Market - 1910

Phillipsburg - Birds eye view - 1900s

Delaware Valley
Port Jervis to Water Gap - 1927


Phillipsburg - Ingersoll Rand Building

. .
. .

Vacation Spots
Places we've visited over the years

Niagara Falls - after 1941

The new rainbow bridge was build in '41
but no Observation Tower is seen.

Virginia  - Natural Bridge

Nice place to spend a day

Niagara Falls - 1950

. .

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