Delaware Water Gap Postcards

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A few postcards of the DWG.

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The original "GAP".

Cold Air Cave - DWG

Very rare postcard - This sight is now
just a hole in the ground.  The store is long gone.
A tiny marker at the hole states what it is.

Current area shot 8-2014 of the area.

And YES, starting from 100 feet from the cave, you
can feel the cold air coming out in the
middle of summer !

Front of Glenwood - DWG

Cold Air Cave - 1908

An even rarer postcard !
Million Dollar Highway


Kittatinny Hotel

DWG Mountain View Trolly Line


Kittatinny Hotel DWG


Buckwook Inn, Shawnee

DWG Mountain View Trolly

Clark's Cabins Delaware Water Gap