"TIM (the tool man) TAYLOR"
Home Improvements

"Hey honey... lets build something this weekend!"

This was our little first (and only) house ($48K). The small addition on the back center was a laundry room installed by the previous owners 3 years before they sold it.

Finally after some 15 years here we decided to expand (the deck was done a year before) by adding 2 - 12'X15' additions to make the back flush with the laundry room. We called a few contractors. One came with a price that matched our budget and would just do just the frame. I would complete the rest.. It was Sept.

 "Oh, sure I can do this honey! Now what tools do I need to buy?"

After waiting a few weeks they dug out the new foundation... another week (or so) they poured the footing.. a week later they added the foundation........ then we waited. I tried to keep the rain from filling the foundation areas for a number of days when it rained... we counted the days.... In mid Dec. we were called and told "8am.. tomorrow..see you then"

They showed up on time (about 8 of them) and in one day a frame and sheathing was all cut. Interesting items: I added 10" of batt insulation to the floor, then Tyvek on the bottom for draft proofing. I changed the original 2X4 walls to 2x6 for better insulation. It added a hundred or so to the bill, big deal.
We were suppose to have a regular ceiling, after the frame was made and we saw the "new" space. The contractor and the two of us decided to go with a cathedral ceiling. My wife also happen to spot a skylight a few weeks before the construction, a minor change. The reduction in ceiling beams in both additions make the move to 2X6 walls a break even point.

Notice the nice weather

My son and I added the roof the next day, the temp dropped to 20 degrees and a brisk breeze... thank! We were somehow able to do the two roof areas in one day. We rented a power stapler, that worked wonders.
A few days later we had the windows in (they are heavy) and I added the small roof to the wife's "greenhouse" window. It was 10 degrees outside and I needed 15 min. intervals to unfreeze.

The nice shot of the one addition AFTER many days of adding insulation, sheet rock, spackle, wood trim, many trips to the Home Depot (gee only $230 this trip honey) and lots of power tool usage. The new rug is also down in this shot (yes I also do rugs). She also had to buy a new (ceramic top) table for the window.


Siding was part of the plan. Purchased at Home Depot only cost a few hundred dollars total at some $86 per 10'X10' area.

One item of interest

I use decking screws to hang the siding. Tried the nails but the thin plywood sides would vibrate and drive me nuts. The screws went right in, you could adjust the tightness to make up for some uneven walls and they would slide on the screws for the needed expansion. Folding foam was added for smoothness and a bit of extra insulation. This whole event was made even easier by my NEW POWER SCREWDRIVER. I used a standard 25' ruler and big straightedge to do the custom cuts. MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE.
The old aluminum siding was ripped off and sold as scrap.. got some $250 in cash at a recycling plant only 30 min. away.