This is a Heatwise BK-1 burner.  Installed in 1993, it was part of a new Slant-Fin boiler.  The BK-1 was pre attached to the boiler from a Home Depot in a crate.   I replaced my furnace that year.  This unit has been totally under water in the 2000 Floyd hurricane and the blower has been underwater at least two other times. The other article on "starting a boiler that was underwater" is about this blower.  I replaced the original burner control in 2000 and two other times.  In March, 2012 it started "buzzing" on startup.  I tried a replacement capacitor but that didn't last and finally replaced it with a Beckett burner.

This looks different from the Heatwise home burner they sold until the company closed. The company that bought out Heatwise Another reason I replaced the entire unit, most parts were not available.  I am posting this should you have the same unit, my furnace guy of 30 years never saw one of these.

After taking it apart, the motor bearing do not sound good when I spin it by hand.  It looks as if the oil pump is starting to leak a bit.

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This is the Heatwise BK-1 burner

This is the nozzle assembly.  I did find a replacement electrodes
on line.  It's a Riello    Never replaced it, so I still have it if needed.

This is the fan assembly.  You must unscrew the 5 stainless steel screws.  I thought the back assembly would slide up.  I could not get it to do that.

This is the front part and tube.

This is the Suntec pump model A2VC-7189.  I can't find that exact  model number anywhere. There is a plastic part that connects the motor to the oil pump.  Bet you can't find that anywhere.