Front Deck Addition

Now that I had plenty of tools, the wife wanted to enlarge the front window.  The old window consisted of two smaller windows on the side and a picture windows.  Since we were going to add new siding (yep, from Home Depot), I figured why not.  So a deck to replace the brick/concrete steps were planed along with ripping out the old picture window.  The front "Anderson" window is from Home Depot.  The back addition windows were "Anderson" windows at a hardware store in Hope, NJ.  My sister found this place and every fall they find leftovers and sell extra windows for 50% off list.  They have a ton load from all over as you can see the tickets from other stores throughout the east coast.  They seem to be returns or no pickups.

So you see here some of the new siding (remember I used small decking screws to install them) and the removal of the front steps.  I used 3 - 2x6 beams as the support off concrete bases and metal anchors.  I believe we rented the hole digger, again, to do this and the holes for the carport.  If I only had to dig the two I would have done it by hand.

As you see it only took seconds to finish the deck.  I'll have to search for picture of the window going in.  I know I have them.  As you see the window is a bow.  I added the base supports but after a year the one window by the door is not square.  Two years ago I jacked it up to square it again but it still sags on that end.  The banisters were the pre-made kind and I paid for the fancy ends.  It's the front of the house so the money flew.  I purchase the decking and used the coated long screws from Home Depot.  Just make sure you buy enough as they only come in boxes of 250.
I made the roof out of plywood and thin boards.  That was a pain.  If you can get a pre-made roof for these windows, do so.  They are a pain to get right.  The deck became a FOREST as the wife now buys plants by the truckload to make the deck look "pretty".

Another shot in the winter, you can see the addition and new angle of the roof in the back.  Oh yes, and out front the wonderful flags that change with the seasons.