Web Page search engines
There are many different search engines, try a number before you give up

Be warned.  A number of "web page searches" names have been bought by companies in the past few years that only
list locations that pay a fee to be listed on their page.  Hence, a short list of "results"come up. 
I have removed those "search engine names" from these lists.

Specific model - If I don't have it listed, try something I have that is close.  Most cameras do the same thing and have two setting, shutter speed and aperture size.  Many models were made and some just were made to add a lever here or dial there and did the same item.  Then again I get many "thanks" from people that could not figure out how to open the back.  Some early models were quite inventive.  How the exposure meter works is the most important.  In the '70s there was just a simple exposure control.  Full aperture metering or stopped down metering.  Not much was different.  In the early '80 to '90s electronics came in and gave all kinds of dials, LED and Up and Down arrows.  Again, most did the same thing.  You just had to figure how to adjust the dial.  In the late 90's the buttons appeared everywhere and you really needed a book to explain all the gismo's that were on them.  Good hunting.

Hints: any specific listing on the sides or bottom of pages, they are paid.  TARGET will NOT have any instruction manual.  Nor Sears or Circuit City.  They are "paid" to list anything you search for and click on that link.

Digital camera manuals.  DO NOT PAY anything for them. They are free from the manufacture.  Plus they stick them on a CD-ROM and then charge for shipping.  Hello - digital... they are small enough to E-mail.  Just another ploy to charge you S&H fees.   Plus I do grab a copy of many listed digital models.  The new catchword is "end of life", meaning a 6 year old digital is no longer supported at times and that model removed from their listing.  I MIGHT have a copy of an older model.  

 Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Minolta (now KonicaMinolta), Olympus provide them for free.   
Look in their company's site under "SUPPORT". 


Google - UK