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RICOH Camera Instruction Manuals
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Ricoh - camera listing.  I do not have all of these manuals listed.
Singlex, SLX 500, Ricoh 35 Flex, KR5, CR 5, Sears KS-500, KR5 Super (Sears KSX 1000, Ricoh A-50 Super) Ricoh A-50 Super), KR5 Super II, KR5 Super III, KR-10 (Sears KSX and XR-1000X), XR-10 (KR-10X), KR-10 Super (A-100S, KSX Super, Sears KS Super II), KR-10M, KR10X (XR-10), KR30SP (XR-20SP), XR1 (Sears KS-1000), XR1S, XR2 (Sears KS), XR-2S, XR-S, XR-500 (Sears KS-500), XR5, XR6 (Sears KS Super), XR7 (Sears KS-2), XR7M, XR7M II, XR8, XR10M (KR10M) ,Super, XR-F,     XR-P, XR-S, XR20SP, XR-M (XR-X), XR-X3PF, XR-X3000

Ricoh point and shoot
    Ricoh Mirai 105 camera (same as Olympus Infinity Zoom 300), Ricoh Mirai,

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 Ricoh XR-1/Sears KS-1000  Ricoh XR-P in one page
 Ricoh XR-P Pocket Guide  Ricoh XR-M and XR-X - full manual
 Ricoh XR-F  Ricoh XR-500 Auto
 Ricoh PG-4 winder  Ricoh KR-30sp - Short instructions
 Ricoh KR-10 Super - Full manual  Ricoh KR-30sp /XR-20sp (full manual)
 Ricoh KR-5 (useful for most match-needle cameras)  Ricoh XR-6
 Ricoh CR-5  Ricoh A-100
 Ricoh KR-5 III  Ricoh XR-7 (typical "auto" Ricoh camera)
Sigma SA-1 clone 
 Ricoh KR-5sv  Ricoh XR Winder - 1
 Ricoh KR-10M - full manual  Ricoh XR-X3pf (full 60 pages broken into 3 sections)
 Ricoh KR-5 Super - full manual  Ricoh KR-5 Super II - full manual
 Ricoh KR-10se  Ricoh KR-V 
 Ricoh XR-1 - full manual  Ricoh XR2s / XR-2
 .   . 
 Ricoh Databack 2  Ricoh KR-10 - Full manual (Sears KSX)
 Ricoh SP-winder  Ricoh XR-10
 Ricoh KR-10M (booklet)  Ricoh KR-10x
 Ricoh XR-10M / XR-2000  Ricoh SLR Systems - Booklet
 Ricoh TLS 401  Ricoh Singlex TLS - Full manual
 Ricoh Photographic Product Catalogue (1978)  Ricoh Auto TLS EE
 Ricoh R1 (full manual)  Ricoh Singlex II
 Ricoh Singlex - Full manual  Ricoh Mirai 105 - Full manual, 3 sections
 Ricoh "Singlex" fact sheet  Ricoh Mirai - Full manual, 3 sections
 Ricoh 500  Ricoh Mirai Zoom 3
 Ricoh 500 Seikosha MXL  Ricoh 126C-FLEX TLS
 Ricoh 500G  Ricoh XR-240 Speedlight
 Ricoh XR Solar     Ricoh XR - S (Solar - older model)  Ricoh XR Winder 2
 Ricoh XR500 Auto   Ricoh Focal 1000 TLX 
 Ricoh "35"  Ricoh XR Speedlight 300p
 Ricoh 35 DeLuxe   . 
 Ricoh XR-X3000  Ricoh Speedlite PX
 Ricoh 35 FLEX  Ricoh 260P Speedlite      
 Ricoh XR Speedlight 180
 Ricoh  Twin Lens Reflex Guide  Ricoh SLX 500
. .
 Ricoh Diacord L  Ricohflex DIA 2 1/4
Ricoh Diacord G  . 
 Ricoh 300  Ricoh Flex DIA L
 Ricoh COLOR-BACK "225" (2 1/4 to 35mm adaptor)  Ricoh 500ME
 Ricoh 500RF  Ricoh RC-5 remote control
 .  Ricoh Super Shot
 Ricoh Auto Half  Ricoh XR Data Back RIQuartz
 Ricoh Golden 16  Ricoh 35 ZF / ST
 Ricoh motor 3  Ricohflex Color Back (35mm) 
 .   . 
 Ricohflex VII  Super Ricohflex
 Ricoh Auto 35  Ricoh Super 44 (2 1/4)
 Ricoh MyPort Zoom 90PS  Ricohmatic 44
 Ricohmatic 126 (cartridge)   Ricoh Auto 66  (2 1/4)
 Ricohmatic 35  Ricohmatic 225
 Ricoh RICOLET  Ricoh Hi-Color 35
 Ricoh Mate  Ricoh Auto Half - Zone Focus
(same as auto half, just basic focusing) 
 Ricoh listing of models  Ricoh Auto Shot


Ricoh Point and Shoot cameras
I do not do much with point and shoot models.  With replacements costing under $50, why bother.
 (2007 - few if any Point and Shoot film cameras are left to purchase, digital took over)
 Ricoh TF-200   Ricoh FF-1S  
 Ricoh TF-500  Ricoh FF-3AF  RICOH AF-2 / AF-2D
 Ricoh EF-60  Ricoh FF-3AF Super  Ricoh AF-7
 Ricoh 35 EFS  Ricoh FF-9 / 9s   Ricoh AF-5
 Ricoh L 108 time/date back  Ricoh FF-10  Ricoh AF-55
 Ricoh Myport 310 Super  Ricoh FF-20 Wide Zoom  RICOH AF-70
 Ricoh XF-30  Ricoh FF*70  RICOH ONE TAKE AF
 Ricoh AF-303  Ricoh FF-700  Ricoh Shotmaster Tru-Zoom
 Promaster AF-1  Ricoh FF*90  Ricoh Shotmaster Zoom 105 Plus
 .  Ricoh accessories F*90 / 90d  Ricoh Shotmaster 130 Super QD
 Ricoh AF-40  Ricoh RZ-105SF  Ricoh Shotmaster Ultra Dual
 Ricoh AF-45 Ricoh RZ-770  Ricoh Shotmaster Zoom
Ricoh LX-22 Ricoh RZ-880 / 800   Ricoh Shotmaster AF
 Ricoh L-20  Ricoh RZ-900  Ricoh Shotmaster AF Super
 Ricoh AD-1  Ricoh RZ-1000  Ricoh Shotmaster AF-P
 Ricoh YF-20  Ricoh RZ-3000  Ricoh Shotmaster Zoom Super
 .  Ricoh AF-100  Ricoh Shotmaster Ultra Zoom Super
 .  Ricoh AF-500   Shotmaster Ultra Zoom
 .   .   Ricoh GR - need to scan 
 Ricohflex Dia 2 1/4  Ricoh RC-5 remote control  Ricoh GR1
 .  Ricoh Guide book  Ricoh GR1S
 .  . Ricoh RT-550
 .  .  .

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