Privacy Policy:
I will not divulge or sell your personal information to any organization or third party nor do I consider your personal data as an asset that can be resold. My relationship with any donators are private, personal and totally secure. 

 I shred all envelopes and letters sent to me and use Monza Thunderbird as my E-mail so return E-mails are not hacked like the useless Outlook Express.  This library is devoted to photography, that is why there are no ads, pop-up or other annoying JAVA applications on this site. (O.K. the banner is Java)  I have created this library as a storehouse of information for educational use, instruction and research. 

I am a fully certified Library Media Specialist in the state of N.J.  The site is called "orphan cameras" as most manufactures have discontinued any information on the use of almost all of the items listed.

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