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List of camera stores

List of many other camera manuals collected from web sites that closed
over the past 10 years.  You must ask by the specific brand and file name if you want one.

WARNING.. older film Pentax/Ricoh PROGRAM lenses will LOCK on your
digital or auto-focus Pentax cameras.  Click here to fix your lens
or find a "buy" with a KR lens and remove that PIN !

These are the newer lense with contact pins for the programming mode and have a "lock" button on the aperture.
Sears / Vivitar / other second brands had both Pentax and Ricoh electrical pins.
You can purchase the correct J Phillips screwdriver to get out the screws from:
"IKAS, INCORPORATED -- www.ikaswebshop.com

Warning, warning, warning.  Be aware that Google DOC downloads can contain viruses
either in the DOC (that says it's a manual) or will "lock" your browser screen
stating you have a virus and to "call a number" to remove it.
Watch were you get PDF files.  Never go to .ru (russian) web site, sorry to say.

On Line Photography Colleges - Listing

Film for 110 cameras and processing - (Gone!)

Netherlands camera store for film camera, lenses and accessories
In English

...For all your vintage camera stuff from days past....

Film processing for various sizes
Includes basic scanning

Camera parts

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Camera lens instructions

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Film Camera Site
From U.K. area

Reviews, thoughts & experiences with 35mm compact cameras, rangefinders & lenses

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History of Photography
-- site found by Matt and Adam --

Interesting array of camera and film reviews

Film Rescue
If you want the images from film found in old cameras or
found in boxes.  They can do it.  Mostly developed as B&W (even Kodachrome)
Be advised of the prices, this is specialized and delicate work.

Actually Lomography now makes 110 film.

And you can get it processed at www.thedarkroom.com.

Replacement, exact cut TLR mirrors

Camera Quest
Lots of info on classic cameras

Minolta 2 1/4 TRL camera information - English

The Photographical Historical Society - RIT

Australian On-Line Freelance photo course

Australian On-Line photo course - another school

Photo Talk - a website on photography

Best Buy - Guide to Lens Purchases
As suggested by Ms. Powell's Girl Scout Troop

Photos of hundreds of unusual / rare cameras

Link to repair of old simple cameras and other interesting items

BetterPhoto.com (a how to site)

Flashbulbs, flashbars and
strobes for polaroids !

Enlarger instruction manual

A link to other links !
see bottom of the page

3D Stereo Store (Holland) 

- - From the focal plane to infinity - -
newly founded web site with world wide links

mostly text that can be translated

Ken Rockwell
photo hints, equipment reviews, links


Light meter use - a how to section

The Camera Site.net
Various cameras and information

Rolleiflex (Original)

Light meter information
Age problems - types

Light meter manuals (non English)

German Ricoh site

Site on many cameras (photos) and possible pricing

Camera Repair Site

Film Camera Podcasting site

Camera Blog sites

Huge listing of other camera manual links

Light meter and flash repairs - Quality Light Metric

Henry's Photo Canada

Search Database for classic cameras - images and basic specs


Media Joy for all sort of replacements to 2 1/4 cameras
and adaptors as well as photos and info on various cameras

Link for camera repairs, service PDF files (for sale), and  Nikon & Minolta manuals

Antique film sizes - shows some of them

Camera Repair - Replacement Foam
Old cameras like these need edge seal foam replacement - See this link for help and how to purchase
Very helpful site with assistance for do-it-yourselfers.


Adaptall lens site
Desribes the Tamaron Adaptall lenses and what fit what cameras


Nice site on vintage cameras and film sizes and replacements

Exakta cameras  - Not much of this site is working

Rangefinder Forum Camera repair (Archived )

Camera repair forum - (KYPhoto.com is gone !)

Camera repair from Alpa to Zeiss by Camerarepair.com
New company took over.


Midwest Photo Exchange - Used cameras

Minolta and other camera repairs
Basic Rolleiflex repairs, Kodak realist repair
Links to other sites

Camera Collector Forum - nice site with current information

Kodak Catalogs - French site - tranlated by Google

Kodak Cameras - great site with photos of many Kodaks and data

Kodak Retina information and repair

How to use your camera - 
Great tips from New York Institute of Photography

Graphic Cameras

Olympus (OM) web site

Chinon Movie Cameras
Person stating he has photocopies of 8/16mm movie cameras and projector manuals for sale

Information on very old Chinons


  Photographers  Directory by PhotoLinks


Lens mounts (what fits what)

The Camera Site - many cameras with histories


Need your 120 lens to fit a K-mount ?

Unusual cameras - toy cameras - Junk store cameras

Camera links and camera how to (free limited info)


Basic hints and tips with photo equipment

Link to a Ricoh XR-M camera review

Canon EOS brands
No images, instructions only

Site has many different models and short description

Nikon Forum

Kodak Retina makes

Illford Flashes

Enlarger instruction manuals - Mostly French

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