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35mm Camera lenses and accessories
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I was asked many times about lenses for 35mm cameras.  These links may also appear on individual camera make pages.
Nikon and Canon lenses are already listed on those company web site.

I have been asked by many on information on lenses, so here is what I have.
 Fast Pentax Lenses  Canon FD lenses 
 Mamiya/Sekor C Lenses   Canon FL lenses 
Soligor C/D Lenses   Mamiya Large format lenses  & accessories 
Contax system accessories and lenses JC Penny Lens instructions
 Hasselblad Lenses (30 to 500mm)   Lens Guide - General (1960s) 
 Two Touch Tele/Macro lens information   Ricoh lens on Pentax bodies (film and digital) warning !
Minolta lenses Minolta Maxima Zoom
Minolta MC lenses Minolta SR extension tube
 Lens mount photos   More info on all types of camera mounts 
 Information on K-mount lens mounts    Wide angle lens tests
  Yashica DX thread mount  Toyo Optics (1980s) 
 Yashica Lens and Accessories   Pentax 67 Interchangeable Lenses 
 Sears Interchangeable Lenses   Pentax SMC Pentax A lenses 

WARNING - Ricoh "P" lenses used on any Pentax AF body (film or digital).
They can "lock" due to an extra pin on the Ricoh lens.
See this link about removing the pin.

Synchro-compur shutters
Spiratone Fish-Eye lens instructions Tamron Adpatall-2
80-210mm and 75-250mm zooms
. Sigma MF Zoom Lens
 Ultimate K-mount lens Listing  Tamron Adapt-A-Matic
Vivitar T-4 mount Vivitar 2x matched multiplier
Y-S Mount .
Tokina 80-210 F/2.8  Vivitar 2x matched Nikon F
Soligor T-2 Interchangeable bellows Spiratone 400mm f/6.3
Vario-Verschluss shutter Spiratone Fish Eye lens accessory - please write to me

Lens Adaptors / Accessories

 Vivitar T-4 adaptor   Y-S camera mounts 
 Soligor T-4 adaptor   Adaptall  / Adaptall II instructions - Remember these? 
 Zenitar focusing problem   Tamron Adaptall 
Ednalite filters flier ALPEX BELLOX Jr.

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