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CE II Memotron

 Chinon Quality 35mm SLR cameras

 Chinon price guide - 1987  Genesis III

 CP-5 sales Guide

 Mamiya/sekor DSX Booklet

 Ricoh XR-7

 Ricoh KR-10 Super

 Chinon 35mm camera specifications

 Chinon Flash, motor drive and lens specifications

 Ricoh KR-10 Super

 CP-9AF clear model

 Agfa Beginners Handbook II

 HALOID photographic Papers

 Amateur photographer manual 1900's - Manhattan Optical

 Cyko Prints / Ansco Company

ICA Camera - Price list 1927

 Rochester Optical - Amateur Photographer 1897

 Amateur Photographer's Hand Book 1895
 Agfa Color and Panchromatic Plates  Rochester Optical - Catalogue of Photographic Apparatus 1895

 Cyko Manual - Ansco Company

 Competitive Camera - 1978
 BOES Model A Daylight Film Winder    ESSENKAY Color Film Adapter
 Ansco Professional CYKO Pointer  DEVIN TriColor Camera
 Lens Guide - General guide for 35mm camera lenses  Watson Film Loader
 Guide to 120 / 620 Cameras  SENCO cameras for roll film

 Kodak  books
I have all of the Kodak books: 1886 to 1941

 Cramer's Manual for photo formulas 20th edition
 Kodak Lantern Slides - how to make and color them   Kodak Bromide Enlarging (using a folding camera as an enlarger) 
 Kodak by Flashlight (flash power)   Tiffin Filters for Black and White / Color Films 
 Saltzman camera catalog  Bausch & Lomb Lenses - Aids to Artistic Aims

 Kodakery Booklets

 Schneider Lenses

 Carters Guide and Photo Encyclopedia 1893-98

 Edwal Laboratories - 1940's photo chemicals
 .   Photo Equipment Restoration 

 The Photo Miniature - tank and development - 1907

 Repair / Service manuals

 Ensign Book of Photography

 Photo Instruction Book - 1903

 Catalog of Antique cameras sold - 1979

  Camera Craft - March 1905

 Panda Roll Film

 Books available on photography - 1979

 GOREZ camera 1916

 Manual of Miniature Camera - '38 & '43
 Photo Miniature - Stereophotography - 1923  Subminiature Techniques - 16mm  spy cameras

 Chinon CP-5 twin program - P.R.

 Kodak Photo papers - 1937

 Genesis IV - P.R.

 The Photogram - 1894 
 Ricoh XR-P P. R. Booklet  Hammer's Little Book Neg. making
 Hammer dry plate Co.
 Ricoh Cameras  Imperial Dry Plate 1928-1932,
 SENCO Camera for Roll Film  ANSCO Speedex films
 Ricoh KR-10M flier   Agfa Formulas - 1938
 Kodak Booklet French 1950s  Scientific Simplicity in Photography (1930's ?)
 Chinon CS, CXII, CEII   Sears - 1908 - Complete Instructions in Photography
  Catalogue of Photographic Apparatus & Supplies 1920's ?  The Camera (magazine) April 1901
 Rollei Again and again - Rollei cameras   Photography Made Easy - 1910
 Photographic Inter-lenses Shutters  Guide to Antique and classic cameras - '69
 American Photographer - 1912 - 1913  The Prontor 500LK Programmed Shutter - repair manual
 Seneca Camera Mfg. Company - Amateur Photographer's Manual  Marshall Field & Co. Illustrated Catalogue / Price Guide (1910s)
 Link to antique lens catalogs  Synchro-compur shutter