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I have no knowledge to the quality or safety of using these battery stores.
Many stores have camera batteries and books showing camera make and battery type such as
Walmart, Shoprite (in the photo processing area), Sears and other stores.
This is a list in case you have a hard time getting a specific battery. Remember shipping charges!

Mercury Battery replacement

Battery for mercury 645 - note voltage difference 1.5V against original 1.3V.   
Air battery is better, but air will not last as long.  Duracell 625A Alkaline Battery

Nikon Photomic FTN battery solution

Great site on "classic" camera battery adjustments

Camera battery replacement trick and old camera repair

Weird small batteries, U.K. company

K battery, KK - 4.5V, 538, 7R31, 7K31, RPX31 - find them here
Pocket Instamatic 50, Pocket Instamatic 60, Trimlite 48, 
Pocket Pak and Autopak, Minolta 16
(The site is there, but he no longer has the K batteries. )

Yashica Guy adaptor ($15.00 - adaptor and a battery)
Mallory TR164, Eveready 164, National HM-4N, 4NR52, V164PX, PX32, PX32A

MediaJoy has list of camera batteries and their replacements  MRB625, MRB675 and MRB400. 
These photo replacement types only have two air holes, rather then the 7 in standard hearing air replacements. 
The hearing-aid batteries need more power over a short time rather then a lower drain over
a long time and the two holes allow longer life for the low drain light meters.
Also the newer Wein RM400R direct replacement  1.4 volt air cell battery  for the 625 and 675 batteries.

Replacement idea for mercury batteries - cheap-o

Real mercury batteries - A google search is gone

Chinon replacement batteries (from my Chinon site)
J size battery -
PX13 and PX625 mercury cell replacement adaptor
They make replacements for a few of the PX28, E544, PX13, PX625,

Pentax Spotmatic battery, PX27

Keep the adapter, just change the inexpensive battery !

More hard to find replacement batteries like the numbers above and more

Ricoh battery replacement list

Miranda camera battery replacement page

Advanced Battery (tons of types)

Duracell batteries

Eveready batteries

Rayovac batteries

Battery dangers - ingestion, warning parents!

Comprehensive Battery Conversion Chart

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