There are many Adobe 10 files as my PDF files
As of Jan 2017, new additions are Adobe 8 certified files,
as well as files I recently combined (used to be 2 or 3 separate files).

You will need to have Adobe 10 or higher, the new DC version,
Foxit PFD Reader
or Chrome installed to read the Adobe X PDF files.

If you get the error "cannot decript file" that is the issue, Adobe X.
There is no password to "READ" the file.
MAC PDF reader wants to "OPEN" the file to edit.  That you cannot do.
Same problem with PhotoShop and similar programs, it brings up an error as it's trying to edit the file.

I used Adobe 10 to prevent viruses from my PDF files.
You should update your PDF reader to the latest version to prevent problems.
They have much better security and compression.
Adobe Acrobat Reader link

(uncheck the free McAfee Security if you wish)

If you do not want to use Acrobat X / XI as your default
PDF reader, that is an option in the install.
Then download the file (right click to save).
Open the new Acrobat, then search for the file
you downloaded.  Older versions of PDF readers
do have problems with hacks.

Foxit Software Reader will open these files too.

If you can install Google Chrome, it will update to the
newest Adobe reader right in the browser.
Make sure you have an "updated" chrome,
go to top right in Chrome, the three bars, click that
then click "About Google Chrome".  Your Chrome will
update which may take a minute or two.

Firefox, just update your Plug In for Adobe
- - This will check all your other files that may need to be updated - -

Just tried this with a B&N Nook HD
Their browser will download it, check your "library"
Go to the Google Play store and download the free
Adobe app.  When you are in the library, check the
"always do this" then choose the Adobe program.

Amazon Fire (original and HD)
 - same as above, download the Adobe app
then open the file.  The little "up arrown" on the bottom
when in the PDF will allow see the "back arrow"
so you can go back to the web page.

IPad and Android tablets
Yes, there is a new Adobe app

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