Home improvement

Can you say "Tim (the tool man) Taylor?"

You remember the year 1992, the winter with ICE and SNOW..
That year we were also adding an addition to our house. Our small carport roof decide to join in with the snow and FALL.
Lucky for us our car headlight burned out a few days before the BOOM and I had the car parked in front of the carport. I parked it in front of the carport because the carport light was mounted at the front of the carport.  I need that light to change the headlight bulb. There was not much room under it the carport anyway as it was the only place to store construction parts for the addition until I needed them.
Snow fell, then ice, then it rained, then snow then ice fell, all in two days. The old carport was made with 2X6 beams and  4x4 supports.  After some 16 inches of snow and ice, the carport decide it had enough. My wife and son happen to be home due to the snow and was there for the fun event.  BOOM went the carport.
So along with the mess of construction inside, we had a mess outside. Many items for the new addition were stuck for a few days until I could get a jack underneath and free them from the 16" of ice, snow and roof that crashed on them. Almost everything got crushed.


Here's the "replacement"  Note the BIG beams (2X10) and 4X6 supports on the far side.  The end you see is only a 4X4.  I enclosed the back and put garage doors on the front.
Thanks to my homeowners insurance, this is how I was able to pay for the replacement  carport.  I also put a garage door on the new carport.  My tax man said it's a garage since it is enclosed by two sides.