New Jersey Barn Quilt Road Trip photos - 2016

One day my wife want to try the barn quilt tour as per this flier linked below.
After many hours of travel and hunting, and one you can't see.
Here are a number of photos of these barns by using our GPS and instructions, which sometimes are not that accurate.

This is very rural NJ (yes out where I live), if you want something to eat, just head for
Phillipsburg on Rt. 22.  Everything is available.  You may find
a number of small stores as you drive around the area, or check your GPS or smartphone.
The PDF file below has a listing of small stores you can stop at while on the tour.
I guess they don't know how to forward a link ?
Plus NJ Highlands named for an area down the shore area

This barn tour flier - I snatched a copy from the old site
There are a few stops on the PDF not on the website.

If you are traveling to NJ, try this link

Barn tour on
Locations and click link for nice information of sign and the barn.
You better have a GPS or smartphone to find these.

If you are thinking of visiting the local artist as stated on this site,

We mourn the loss of Dan Campanelli, who passed away on May 24, 2017.

If you wish to visit another local and famous artist.
Clinton Falls Art and Framing has Bill Bell paintings as well as some Campanelli (Dan and Paula)
And stop by in Clinton, NJ
Nice stores, the famous "Red Mill" and photo opportunity.
Coffee and food stops.

There is one barn quilt you cannot see during any "green" season.
It is hidden by trees and bushes from the roadway.
It faces Rt. 78 at the top of the ramp.  There is no shoulder, so never got a shot of it.
Maybe this winter ?

Most of these are just along the rural roadsides.  So no problem finding a safe place to stop.




This is also a historical house.  There are workshops held every once in awhile. 
So you can park in the driveway.










This was out in the middle of nowhere.. again hard to find.


This is on someone's shed.. was pretty hard to find in a housing development.