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- - I was the - -

Coordinator of Technology (for 18 years)

South Bound Brook Schools, South Bound Brook, NJ.
Now retired - June 2016

- - Formerly - -

7/'85 to 7/'98:  
Director of Learning and Computer Resources
College of Nursing
Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ

College of Nursing:  I was an administrator at the College of Nursing, Seton Hall University. I was is responsible for the Network and computer activity in that building. I was also responsible for the audio/visual functions that have to do with the College of Nursing. I  received my undergraduate degree at Trenton State College as Elementary Education/Associate Media Specialist in 1976. I  received my Masters as Media Specialist from Seton Hall in 1989 and Supervisor's Certificate in Education a year later. I now have 33 credits above my Masters.

My former position at South Bound Brook Schools involves the technology plan at our new building.  Currently re-setting up the Network and Internet access for the school system.  Chromebooks ! ! ! Check our site at South Bound Brook public schools


including the amazing but old Chinon CP-AF9.  One of the early autofocus cameras.
Information on "orphaned" cameras, on-line manuals are also included
(Ricoh, Pentax, Sears Yashica, Kodak, Miranda, old photo sales booklets,
lens catalogs, and many many more photo equipment manuals)
and info on what K-mount lens fits what camera and why. 
Need a flash manual or light meter manual, no problem.  I have hundreds of them too !
Updated Nov., 2017

Heart Felt Canines / New Jersey Wedding Photography
Bruce and Kristin Butkus

The Flemington Outlets
March 2017 
Flemington, NJ
Main St., 2015 
Turntable Junction
Flemington, NJ

Flemington, N.J
Update 2017 - Site dead, no update since 2007 !

Click here to check out the nearby town I live by. This personally made web site was threatened with legal action back in early 2000s' if not removed from the WEB by the wonderful elected officials in Flemington. Not quite legal dudes! 
Flemington officials backed down.


(official site)
Trenton State College ('71 - '76)
AKA - College of New Jersey

Click here for my personal photographs
 of my years at TSC. 
Some of these photo ended up in the new
cafeteria, 2017 !
 New Jersey Barn Quilt Road Trip photos 
Whitfield Pellet Stove
Click here for info on fixing your Whitfield
  Now under ownership of Lennox Corp.
World's Fair Guide books
 from 1934, 1964, 1982
Entire booklet in PDF format
 Refoam your old speakers
Fix your rotted speaker pretty dirt cheap.
Site Publisher by Helexis Software
will allow you to use Front Page
or Microsoft Expressions Web
from your PC and work !
2001 Subaru Outback stereo 
Click here to see how I replaced the stereo in mine
2001 Outback speakers 
Click here to see how to replace them
2001 Outback brakes 
Click here to see how I did the brakes
Subaru "piston slap" 
Click here to hear my former car's piston slap on cold startup.
2004 Saturn Vue enhancements 
Click here to see them before they went bankrupt
 Rolls-Royce Phanthom II maintenance manual
If you need to maintain your  1930 /'35 Phantom II
This is the manual for you !
1962 reprint/update of original manual
Sirius Satellite 
Click here to see how to I installed the portable Sirus
  into my 2004 Saturn Vue.
(update 2016: Dumped XM, too expensive)
Sony EXCD-3RF 10 disk player 
Click here to see how to change
volume level and station on them.
Now all those CD fit on a memory stick.
PCI to PCI-E Adapter
 - Something that works !
Heatwise furnace  
Click here to see and new Beckett Genisys replacement.
Why the Genisys lasted only 3 months.
Click here to figure out your
 GM-510 unit. Some items not found in the manual.
It's still working as of 2016
KIA tech
 Click here to see what a wonderful dealer in
Flemington, NJ can do to your car !
(update - they went out of business 2013!)
The Kia and Toyota dealership
Jacuzzi Z145  
Click here to find out how to replace the motor
of a Jacuzzi brand
I bought at Home Depot in '98.
(twice so far)  Died in 2013
Click here for info on my
computer UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
 I made for my house.  Sill OK as of 2016
Orangeburg Pipe problems 
Click here if you are interested in this homeowner sewer problem.  Photos of this stuff falling apart.
"Pool liner warranty"  
Click here if you are interested or have an inground pool.
See what a warranty
really means when you need it.
. Compaq Presarioo R3000
memory upgrade that works!
1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Click here for info on my former 
 gas mileage improvements
 My freezer was leaking water at
the bottom of the door. 
My Home Improvements
- Tim Taylor Home Improvements at work - 
Click here to see my personal
"Tim (the tool man Taylor) upgrades
BIOSTAR CPU power connector fried
how to fix it and save your PC
. Sears Kenmore Progressive
 Canister Vacuum
Click above for fixing your dead vacuum.
Hint, a hidden fuse !

 Post Cards of Atlantic City  New Jersey Shore
Post Cards
 Post Cards of New Jersey sites
Russian Antique Telephones

For You Bruce - Gee who's name is that on the bottom photo ....   ME

  Qube 2 / Qube 3
Gateway Micro Server
 hard drive and memory - Click here for information
FYI, you can do better with a old PC and free server software.
 NYC Sprit Cruise - 2007
Click here for my best shots of our vacations.
Maybe you'll see what you want and not have to go.
More time to spend with your tools.
Exploding X-10 module
Click here for information on my experience
I plugged it in and zaaaaappp . . pop . .  pop  !
For You - Bruce
Book written by fan's experiences about Bruce Springsteen
I have photographs from 1974 in the book
(Site now removed)
- shots of early Bruce. 
 In 1974 and 1976 here's a few oldies.
KristinCastenschiold-Butkus - Bruce Butkus website
NJ Wedding / Engagement Photography
Heart Felt Canines
Bruce Springsteen and TSC
click here to see the same B&W pictures if you have a network, cable modem or DLS connection.
Click here to check out my town I live in.
 Yes, there are still parts of N.J. that look like this!
done in 1997

with Netscape Composer, a very old web site I did back in the late 90's.
 ZVOX 575  HSD Repair  . 
 .   . 
. .
Russian 16mm fisheye,
Click here Looking at purchasing one of these.
Check out these photos
Click here Like speed, how about these F/1.2 lenses


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